SK-3080 CNC Skiving machine for heat sink

Name: CNC Skiving machine Sk-3080 for heat sink
date of issue: 2020.01
Machine size: 3135*1600*2060mm
Fin thickness: 0.05~0.8mm
Fin height: 0.5~60mm
Fin width:5~280mm (aluminum)
Fin width:5~120mm (copper)
Cutting length: 750mm
Machine weight: 4 T
Power: 10KVA

Product Description

SK-3080 CNC Skiving machine adopts vacuum suction disk, which shortens clamping time. Powered by high-speed servo motor, improve cutting speed and shorten product processing time.
The SK system improves the accuracy of the pitch of the shovel fins, improves the verticality of the roots of the fins, and the flatmess of the fins.
Effectively and accurately produce standard pieces and sizes, and solve the common problems of front and back films of shovel teeth products, greatly improving and optimizing the new generation of shovel teething equipment.

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